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WB Games Montreal teases Batman Court of Owls game further

Rumors spiraled around after a teaser tweet Sunday by WB Games Montreal in the process of creating a new Batman game. This was not new, but only revived and all but confirmed. We’ve now got new evidence of something coming. In a tweet by WB Games Montreal, they told people to “Capture the Knight”.

Below the text is a short six-second clip shifting between symbols which appeared in the original post.

This isn’t the only piece of evidence we have, in a now-deleted tweet, Court of Owls co-creator, Scott Snyder, told people “wait for it . . .” in response to the initial post. Even though the tweet is gone, it’s the internet and people screenshot it and shared it around.

Original response to WB Games Montreal by Scott Snyder

We’ll have to wait for full confirmation that the rumors are true and the next game will be showed off at the next State of Play tomorrow. Until then, it’s pure speculation, but it is clear something is being cooked up by WB’s gaming division.