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Six Batman games free on Epic Games Store

Not too long ago, last week even, Epic Games teased users their next week of free games would be Batman-related. Now, it’s the following week and they were not wrong. PSN and Xbox Live can eat their heart out as Epic has provided not one, not two, but six free games. Batman Arkham Collection and the LEGO Batman Trilogy are free on Epic Games Store right now.

The Batman Arkham Collection includes the trio, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. But, if that’s not your style, the more try-hard funny LEGO Batman games are also there for download.

LEGO Batman still

Epic Games seem to have deeper pockets than Sony and Microsoft even dare to go. Earlier this year, the developers have been tossing out quite a few hits, their first-ever time launching the free game feature included Subnatica.

The company has been in the games industry for a while thanks to their work on the Unreal Engine, but they have found new love from fans of the cartoony free-to-play shooter, Fortnite. Ever since then, Epic Games has had to play catch with other competitors like Steam and GOG. The platform still lacks several features including a review section.

They have also been criticized for coaxing / buying out games ahead of release to exclusively launch on EGS for a year or so. After that, they can choose to do what they please and release it to other platforms.

The two collections will be free until September 26, 2019.

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