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Sirfetch’d – Farfetch’d evolves in Pokémon Sword

Ash Ketchum finally won against the Pokémon league in the Alola region. Though, with the knowledge of a new series being announced September 29, it may or not surprise you that that wasn’t the only Pokemon-related thing this week. In a brand-new trailer, it was revealed that long-time favorite Pokémon, Farfetch’d, is getting an evolution, aptly named Sirfetch’d, after seven grueling generations.

In the trailer, it showed off the ability and some of its swagger, not the move, though. Sadly, if you’re planning on getting Shield, you’re going to be a bit disappointed in learning it’s exclusive to Sword. But, never fear, trading will still be a thing and let’s face it, something similar will likely be in Shield.

What’s up with Sirfetch’d?

Sirfetch’d shares a general design with its Kanto-based leek-wielding duck. It’s still vastly different at the same time, though. Whereas Farfetch’d is a brown and white bird, its evolution is pure white and a lot buffer. Farfetch’d also carries around a leek, while the general concept isn’t lost, Sirfetch’d is boasting a leek sword and shield.

Sirfetch'd ability and typying

One of the most noticeable differences includes their typing. Farfetch’d is a flying and normal type, whereas its Galar evolution is slated to be a fighting type. Why he developed the fighting type is not explained, but maybe it’ll be in the Pokédex.

Version-based evolution is not a new thing in the franchise, it was introduced in Sun and Moon with the oh-so-adorable Lycanroc and regular-turned-legendary Cosmoem. Fans have been hoping one day the Wild Duck Pokémon would get what he deserved. Now that he has that leek sword, he may just have a better chance at defending against its predators.