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Silent Hill fan recreates opening in first-person

Silent Hill fan, Zero Trace Operative, launched their concept demo of Silent Hill‘s opening in a first-person perspective. The demo, which was made in a matter of five months, is a meager four minutes, but for the context of what it is, that’s plenty of nostalgia.

ZTO wrote a blog post in which he detailed his mindset while formulating the short, playable demo. The dev wanted to do something with what they knew in game creation. On the road of thinking what could be done that was “small”, the developer remembered the first Silent Hill got nothing for its 20-year birthday. This project sought to change that, and change that it did.

“I remember Silent Hill 1 and its fans got no love on its 20th birthday. So I decided I was going to remake Harry’s nightmare as my first completed project.”

This wasn’t the first time they’ve contemplated this idea, it was a long-running desire to do this for years, but ZTO failed to actually get down to it.

“Its [sic] actually something I wanted to do for YEARS but never got around to doing it, so it was a big step forward.”

The blog went on to note there was a ton of research involved, which amalgamated to watching playthroughs and playing through it. A lot of 3D tracing of assets also needed to be done. This is all the while juggling a full-time job.

If you’re a horror buff and lived off of Silent Hill, maybe checking out this foreign take on a familiar game will spark a new jump from you. ZTO did outright say this is as far as the demo will go. This was made to give some love to the SH community. There won’t be another section on the way.

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