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Red Dead Redemption 2 sees mediocre Steam launch

Red Dead Redemption 2 has found itself subject to a tepid Steam PC launch Thursday. Unsurprisingly, while the game has found tremendous success through its console counterpart, which launched ahead of its PC port, various bugs and glitches have hindered people from enjoying the game on one of the most popular PC markets around.

As expected, the glitches and bugs have caused a fair number of people wary of jumping the gun and purchasing the game on Steam. Of course, Rockstar isn’t going to sit back and let this hinder its sales, they are working on a patch for the game to fix these sales-affecting errors.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has bolstered to a more substantial 16 million at its peak. That being said, factors to a less-than-satisfactory launch which saw a total of 25,000 (according to GamingBolt) was launched on PC via other storefronts for nearly a month, though, a fair chunk of gamers enjoy using one service and one service alone when it comes to purchasing games.

Rearing its ugly head again, though, are the glitches and bugs which, once fixed, will likely cause an even bigger spike of players and sales.

Rockstar is far from used to slow starts when it comes to selling their products. Even to this day, games like their Grand Theft Auto series are still talked about and played across the world. The creme de la creme entry, though, is GTA V, which took it to a whole new level with the addition of multiplayer and plenty of updates to keep the game at least somewhat fresher.

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