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Naruto run: Fortnite adds a familiar run as an emote

Fortnite has added yet another emote to their ever-expanding list. Labeled “Full Tilt”, the emote has the player hunched a bit and running forward. Some fans may only see a weird run, but a majority will likely see a similarity to the popular anime Naruto.

The timing couldn’t possibly be a coincidence. Not only is it the anniversary month of everyone’s favorite sentient, blond, demon seal, but the “Naruto run” hit a new high as the Storm Area 51 meme came mere days before.

The major reason behind this new height is because one man chose to run past a real news reporter doing that iconic run. The story didn’t just strike fans as funny, a half-joke petition has been formed to commemorate that moment into a statue.

Fortnite isn’t known for its subtly of taking inspiration from other dances and movements. Several people have made attempts to sue. From celebrities believing the dances are infringing on some grounds of copyright to regular people like “orange shirt kid”. His mother claimed the company copied his dance and catchphrase without seeking his consent or crediting him. The dance in question was sent in as an entry to a contest Epic Games was holding. The first place winner would get their dance in the game. He didn’t win, but his dance was so popular with the community, Epic added it in anyway.

Naruto follows the tale of a boy named Naruto seeking to become the next Hokage of his village and going through trials of life.

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