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Larian Studios beats Nintendo to the punch, adds Online Play Invites

In a shocking turn of events, third-party developer Larian Studios has made use of the Online Play Invites feature on the Switch. This feature allows users to send invites to friends to play a game online. That being said, the feature was nothing more than fluff in the 9.0.0 update as no game supported this feature. That all changed, however, when Larian Studios updated Divinity: Original Sin II on the Switch to include the option.

“We’re pleased to announce that you’re now able to invite friends to your game via the new friend invite feature on the Switch. Just pick the friend you’d like to invite, and if they accept (accept your invitations, friends!) they’ll join your party whether you’re just starting out, or continuing your adventure.”

Despite Nintendo‘s library of multiplayer-compatible first-party games, they’ve yet to make use of this feature. It’s even worse when you consider Online Play Invites were on the table since early September.

You’d think Nintendo would jump at adding this feature into games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and other games that sorely lack this invite feature. But, no, a third-party developer saw the potential before any other developer acted on it.

Using Online Play Invites

In case you need help with this process, GameXplain posted a tutorial on how to invite your friends on Divinity 2 which you can watch here.

Larian Studios’ game also allows for cross-saves between Steam and the Switch.

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