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John Wick Hex coming this October to Epic Games Store

John Wick Hex is on its way to shelves near you. The game, which features the player as none other than John Wick, tasks you to face off against a brand-new villain under the name Hex and his goons.

As you may imagine, the game takes place prior to the John Wick films. Ian McShane and Lance Reddick will reprise their respective roles in the video game.

Mike Bithell, the owner of the developer, Bithell Games, made it clear the game isn’t a “guns-blazing” type of game, instead it’s much more of a strategy game, akin to games like XCOM.

“It was XCOM with one character and it sucked.”

The game turned out to be too boring, though.

“It was the worst version of what you imagine when you think of a John Wick strategy game. It was slow, it was deliberate, and you’d do your move and then you’d watch as five guys would just take turns to shoot John.”

This led them to a new timeline-based system that made it much more playable. Even though its combat is less-strategy and more timeline, it still appears to utilize hex-based movements.

John Wick Hex is set to launch on PC October 8, 2019, for via the Epic Games Store. It will cost $19.99.

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