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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta allows cross-saving

It’s not an unfair assumption to make that plenty of people have multiple means to play video games. I personally have a PS4, PC, and a seldom-used Switch. But, some players are reporting that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta is allowing cross-saves. This would be a huge deal as it’s uncommon for games to have that feature.

Officially, the game was made to be cross-play, meaning your friendos from across the console spectrum can bask in your COD mastery (or lack thereof). But, there was no word on a cross-progression system. If this remains in the game, this could be solely for the beta, it’s a pleasant surprise for those who enjoy playing across multiple consoles.

Plenty of fans have wanted to be able to play without the struggle of having to pick, but this was almost always a hassle for developers to get down. The reason being? Sony was usually wary of cross-play or cross-progression.

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the first big game to add this feature, Bungie’s Destiny 2 allowed for cross-saving as of last month. Nevertheless, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adding it on is a divination from most other shooters.

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